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I am Diana Ives, and I have worked at the Minster since 2004.  I am a primary school teacher and I live in Nottingham with my husband, two children, and Freddie the dog.  I love Time Travelling, and spend the whole year looking forward to it and thinking up interesting activities for the children to do when they come.  I am looking forward to meeting you all.

About Us

There are lots of people who work all year round at the Minster.  These are just some of the people you might meet and who help to make Time Travelling go with a swing.

(Above: Canon Vincent Ashwin teaches children about communion.)

Everyone likes to get involved at Time Travelling. Bishop Paul and our priests enjoy wearing their special clothes and welcoming children to the Minster.  Which one is the Bishop, do you think?


Cathedral Education, Jubilee House, West Gate, Southwell, Nottingham. NG25 0JH.

01636 817993

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Matt Hustwayte grew up in Southwell moving to Kenilworth, Warwickshire in 2001 where he studied Theology, worked as a Parish Administrator and then moved to CPAS, where he began working in the Youth and Children's team moving to a Facilities Management role; taking care of their offices and conference suite. He lives in Arnold and is married to Sam, a Curate at St Mary's and has 3 children.

You'll meet some of our volunteers when you come.  They will show you around, make sure you don't get lost and help lead your activities.