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"We really enjoyed coming to Southwell Minster and doing all the activities, especially the communion activity with Nick Harding about the bread and wine.
Thank You"
Alex, Year 3 Time Traveller

"We really enjoyed the visit. The activities were great fun especially the drama that was the best. Thank you for all the hard work that you put into the church . It was the biggest church I have ever seen, it was such great fun they were really great activities, we all loved it . Thank you for letting us visit your church."
James, Year 3 Time Traveller

"On behalf of all the staff and children, a most sincere thank you to both yourself and all the staff for a terrific day Time Travelling. All of the children thoroughly enjoyed themselves. We look forward to our Key Stage 1 visit later this year."
Teacher, Key Stage 2

"Our guide looked superb and the children thought he was great.  Me too!"
Teacher, Key Stage 2

"Parents were given the opportunity to share in this fantastic experience, all were very impressed and it strengthened school : home links."
Key Stage 2 Teacher

I am writing to say thank you for the extatical time we had at Time Travelling last week. My favourite bit was drama because I had never done drama like that before. It was funny when we closed the sea because all the guards died. I learned the Moses story and when he freed the slaves from the evil Pharoah! The day got better after every activity. Time Travelling made me feel adventurous when we were going through the Minster. I would like to go again.
Yours sincerely Joseph"
Key Stage 2 child

"...thank you for the extremely admireful time I had at Time Travelling last week. My favourite part was making the bracelets. I learned that the word PASTA means praise, ask, sorry thanks and amen. Time Travelling made me happy and ready to learn.
Yours sincerely Elliot"
Key Stage 2 child

"All the activities I attended were well led and had good content."
Volunteer guide

"The resources and preparation were excellent as was the practical information for the day."
Key Stage 2 teacher

"The website gave useful information. Children enjoyed the songs. Practical information for the day was very detailed and useful - thank you. Clear for a first time visit by myself and my Year 5 children."
Key Stage 2 teacher


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