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We warmly invite you to bring your class of primary children to one of our pilgrimage days at the minster - a day of exploration, activity and reflection.  

The Time travelling team is led by experienced Primary School Teachers, and the day is designed to be curriculum relevant, supporting the teaching of RE.  You will find useful "classroom packs" containing a whole term's work for RE on our downloads page, along with the "Supplementary material" to use pre and post visit.  The children's pages contain facts, games, news and pictures for children to use in preparation or follow up.  We aim to provide a quality educational visit in a safe, caring environment.  The learning objectives for all of our  education days at the Minster can be found here. Time and time again, teachers who bring their classes comment on the excellent organisation of the day and the fact that they are able to join in and enjoy being with their pupils.

We can accommodate 350 children every day  Many come year after year - their visit to the Minster being a central event in their calendar.

Please be reassured that our volunteer team is sensitive to the fact that they may be working with children of other faiths or none, and so no child is expected to join in with faith practices unless they wish to do so. 

We warmly welcome children from special schools; please get in touch to discuss your pupils' needs. If you have any concerns or questions, do phone and speak to Diana or Emma.

Organisation is the same for both key stages:

1.  Send us a booking form telling us your choice of dates and numbers.  These are downloadable from the website, and come into schools via internal mail in September.

2.  We write to you to tell you which day you have been allocated, and practical instructions for preparation.  

3.  Book a bus to get you to Southwell for 9.45 and enjoy learning the songs with your children.

4.  When you arrive at Southwell, you will be checked in and your Pilgrim Guides will be waiting to greet you. The guide will be with you all day, making sure you don't get lost and that the children feel welcome.

5.  Sit back, relax and enjoy the day with your children.

KEY STAGE 1:  takes place for one week in June and lasts from 9.45am - 12.30pm. 

KEY STAGE 2:  is in March from 10am until 2.20pm, and is suitable for all key stage 2 children. 

All schools gather for a short act of worship in the lovely Norman Nave - our songs are downloadable for you to learn in advance.   You will participate in four activities at Key Stage 1 and 6 at Key Stage 2.  These are as practical as possible and are based on the building or faith.  These may include prayer, drama, the Bible,  an outside tour or baptism.  All are designed to support the teaching of RE as set out in the Nottinghamshire Agreed Syllabus for RE.

Our friendly team of volunteer staff: guides, activity base leaders and helpers are all there to welcome the pilgrims and make sure their day runs smoothly.

The visit ends with another short time of worship, reflection and our candle ceremony

Practical notes:  Children are met at the start of the day by their guide, who stays with their group all day, leading, welcoming and befriending. Volunteers follow our safeguarding procedures and each year sign a declaration and attend training and orientation.  The Minster is a very safe place to visit, and we do all we can to ensure a happy and safe environment for them.  Children’s behaviour and safety do, however, remain the responsibility of the school which brought them - but we can make special arrangements for your pupils’ needs if you let us know.  Our risk assessment notes and policy documentation is downloadable from the ‘downloads’ section of this website.

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